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Thank you all for 37 wonderful years of business. We love all of you, and miss you already. We have decided to close Chaussure at least temporarily. It is time for Barbara & Beverly to retire, and Taylor has a baby arriving shortly! You might be hearing from us again around Spring/Summer of 2021, but in the meantime, you can remain styled to perfection with our favorite line, BELLE + DAY @ ~ BELLE + DAY was created by Torri, the daughter of one of the owners of Chaussure; and has been one of Chaussure's hottest new lines. BELLE + DAY will be continuing on, creating gorgeous new styles and selling in other boutiques as well as online. To be clear, BELLE + DAY is not owned, funded by, or otherwise legally or financially affiliated with Chaussure and it is not the "new" Chaussure. If for any reason you need to get in touch with the owners of Chaussure, please direct your inquiries to Taylor, for the time being, is helping her sister out at BELLE + DAY, so you can connect with her and Torri there and set up one-on-one shopping appointments. Just email or text Taylor @ 562-972-9120 or Torri @ 562-708-0576 for more information. Hope to see you ladies again soon! XOXO, Beverly, Barbara, Taylor, Torri, & Sherman

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