Pam Lazzarotto Designs

Pam Lazzarotto began using her artistic skill and exquisite eye by fashioning clothes for herself as a youth. Later with a Fashion/Business degree from the University of Arizona and experience in fashion management, she has turned what used to be a hobby into a career. Using her good business sense balanced by her creative flair, her philosophy has evolved to "create American-Made jewelry that is unique for everyday wearing at a reasonable price." 

The first collection of antique redesigned jewelry was launched under the name ‘Vintage Revival Accessories’ in 1991. In this line, re-invented pieces become one-of-a-kind designs when combined with semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals. These designs reserve tradition and reverence for antiquity, while up-dating their form. “Anyone who appreciates art and history and likes statement jewelry with everlasting style, is a fan,” says the designer.

And success came! Her celebrated works have been featured in fashion magazines, catalogs, television, film, the Internet and worn by celebrities. Her creations can be found in select boutiques, galleries, and stores in Canada and United States.  

In 1998, Pam created a sterling collection. Designs are vintage inspired and crafted with semi-precious stones and pearls. These pieces balance unconventional and often asymmetrical construct with significant sterling components. The result is, timeless jewelry that has popular appeal.

A mixed metal collection was launched in 2008. This line is more casual and highlights sterling combined with gunmetal-plate, gold-plate, steel, copper, pewter and/or leather. Polished stones, semi-precious gems and pearls are used with the various metals for hip, off-beat jewelry. 

The designer is often told by clients wearing her jewelry, that they get a lot of attention for the piece being worn. This confirms that with 20 years experience and three Jewelry Lines, Pam can be innovative and satisfy women’s needs for covetable jewelry. Her collections bridge the gap between fine and costume jewelry and do more than accessorize an outfit. Her creations garner a balance, radiance and timeless beauty fit for many different looks and occasions -- fashion forward or conservative -- but always elegant.